The Path to a Sustainable Future

Can land conservation and development co-exist side-by-side? Can high profits, low impact, and the public good find common ground? The answer is Yes, they already have – in the EarthKeeper Alliance, a for-profit/non-profit corporate hybrid, founded in 2007 by Adam C. Hall.

Why Now? The economic downturn that has made 1000s of acres of wilderness available for private purchase – and the political climate that puts funding for our national parks at risk – have created the ideal conditions under which those with the money to invest and the heart to conserve can help protect vast tracks of wilderness in perpetuity while still making substantial profits and simultaneously contributing to the public good. This is what the EarthKeeper Alliance facilitates.

What is the EarthKeeper Alliance?  The Alliance is a hybrid corporation with both a for-profit and not-for-profit component. It is composed of a consortium of Impact Stewards who are dedicated to creating Living Family Legacies through Land Undevelopment.™

What is Undevelopment™? In searching for ways to reconcile the need for wilderness preservation with the desire for human recreation and habitation in beautiful, natural settings – and with the pursuit of property development opportunities – Hall coined the term Undevelopment™. He defines it as a balance between meaningful conservation, public access and residual development rights.


EarthKeeper Alliance Mission Statement: We help restore and protect the eco-system and create holistic prosperity to support local communities and to inspire and empower under-served youth.

How Does the Alliance Operate? Using our combined resources, Alliance members:

  • Aggregate thousands of acres of wild land for permanent conservation;
  • Set aside a small portion of each land tract for low-impact development;
  • Conserve all the land with timber and water resource management;
  • Preserve the land in perpetuity with easements and habitat restoration.
  • Sell the entire tract as a legacy investment.
  • Dedicate 10% of profits from the sale to the creation of urban gardens and educational centers in U.S. inner cities, in order to –
  • Reduce hunger and enhance self-sufficiency,
  • Increase public awareness and knowledge,
  • Deepen residents’ relationship with and investment in the Earth,
  • Restore a sense of dignity to disaffected Youth.

What Are Our Guiding Principles?

1. Impact Stewardship: Placement of conscious capital in business, projects and land to generate market rate financial returns while creating positive, measurable social and/or environmental impact.

Impact Investing is an emerging alternative asset class, according to JP Morgan.  Currently, there are $500 Billion invested in funds making socially meaningful investments.  This figure is expected to double by 2020.

Impact stewardship creates the environment that allows peace to come into our lives.

2.  Earth:onomics: A sustainable balance of material prosperity with the health and well being of the planet that allows us to meet the demand of our current and future populations with the supply of planetary resources – without depleting the Earth’s vitality or its capacity for self-replenishment.

Earth:onomics as a form of commerce recognizes the direct link between a healthy, biologically diverse and abundant planet with the longevity of the human species. It promotes a balanced exchange of goods and services that enhances all of life.


Net Results = P4 – The Quadruple Bottom Line:

  1. Profits: Market-rate returns.
  2. Planet: Conservation, preservation and restoration of wilderness areas and the remote communities around them – as well as revitalization of inner cities through the creation of urban parks and gardens.
  3. People: Supporting people in rural and urban communities with business, job, educational and recreational opportunities.
  4. Peace: We find our greatest sense of serenity, peace and connectedness to Life in natural settings. And we help maintain and spread these priceless inner conditions by being of service to the Earth and all who dwell upon it. Alliance members experience the intangible yet immeasurable rewards of helping to conserve wilderness, sustain communities, and inspire families.